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Lactation Room or Breastfeeding Room

A Breastfeeding or Lactation Room is a private room other than a bathroom, that is shielded from public view and interruption, and is used by mothers who breastfeed or express breast milk by breast pumping.

Benefits of Exercise for Nursing Moms

Benefits of Exercise for Nursing Moms
Moms we all know how we want to get back to our pre-pregnancy body ASAP!!! Remember, its not how fast we get back to it but how healthy we do it in.  Before you start any new diet/exercise regime make sure that you get medical clearance from your doctor.  Light to moderate exercise along with a healthy diet has many benefits for a nursing mom.  Some key benefits are:
1. Bone Health
2. Weight Management 
3. Mental Health-  Decreases your risk of Post-Partum Depression
4. Increase your Post-Partum recovery
5. Increase energy- Moms you know this is the one thing we really lack in with a newborn!!  And affects our “Mom Brain”

In some cases when a mom has just finished exercising and tries to nurse her baby, the baby may not like the taste of the breast milk.  This is because of the lactic acid that has formed during your exercise session. Although the lactic acid is not toxic it seems to occur when moms do a rigorous exercise routine. If your baby does not like th taste of your breast milk light to moderate exercise may help. The increase level can be present up to 90 minutes at post exercise.  Some things that you can do to ease your mind if this does occur is:
1. Nurse your baby before you exercise
2. Pump and store your milk so after you exercise you have a supply handy
Two more important tips for out fit moms are:
1. To have a sturdy sports bra to support your breasts because they are precious to your baby. A sturdy bra will also prevent nipple rips!
2. To make sure you shower after you exercise.  Any sweat on your breast can leave a salty taste in your baby’s mouth.
Remember moms it all about having fun!!!  Getting together with other new moms to have  a workout partner is great motivation!  
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