Nursing Room, Lactation Room, Breastfeeding Room

A Example of a nursing room at Westfield Montgomery Mall. Nursing Room or Lactation Room is a private room other than a bathroom, that is shielded from public view and interruption, and is used by nursing mothers for breastfeeding or to express breast milk by breast pumping.


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Airport Lactation Rooms Locator

Target Niskayuna
Target in Niskayuna, New York - Nursing room in fitting rooms. Has outlet, comfy chair, can also be used as a changing room. There is also a family changing room available. Very clean a...
Average Rating:

Mystic Aquarium
Go to the administrative office and request to use the nursing room. There is a comfortable chair, sink, and outlets....
Average Rating:

Mystic Aquarium
Ask for staff to direct you to the administrative office, and ask for the nursing room....
Average Rating:

New Baby New Paltz
We have a private and a semi-private area with comfy chairs, electricity and a safe play space and toys for small children. Clean, handicapped accessible bathroom with diaper changing t...
Average Rating:

Nordstrom Women's Bathroom/Lounge
2nd floor Nordstrom Women's Restroom/Lounge near the elevators. There's a Mother's lounge separated from the women's restroom with chairs for nursing and a changing table and sink. #bf...
Average Rating:

Rosedale Center
In the Van Maur court near the restrooms. #bfus, #rosedaleminnesota, #rosedalecenter...
Average Rating:

Top Golf
TopGolf has a dedicated nursing mother's room for breastfeeding and pumping. Located Next to the elevator. #bfus, #topgolf, #elpasotexas...
Average Rating:

Buy Buy Baby Easton
Near the restrooms, clearly marked as Feeding room....
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Amtrak Chicago Union Station
Amtrak Chicago Union Station has a private portable lactation pod for pumping or breastfeeding mothers traveling through the train station. The pod can be unlocked by Amtrak customer se...
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Caroline Springs Shopping Centre
Caroline Springs Shopping Centre (CS Square Shopping Centre) parents room for mums to breastfeed and express milk for the little one. #bfaus, #melbournevictoria...
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