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View All Lactation Rooms (Includes Airport Nursing Rooms)

Find Lactation Rooms Near Me

Airport Lactation Rooms Locator

Kaiser Lactation Room
Orange County - Irvine Medical Center | Kaiser Permanente. This is in an employees only area but you can ask someone to buzz you in. #bfus, #irvinecalifornia...
Average Rating:

Sydney Kingsford Smith International
Sydney Airport in New South Wales has several Baby changing and parenting rooms located throughout the airport so mums traveling with young infants can take a moment to breastfeed or pu...
Average Rating:

Dulles Gate A22
Dulles Airport (Washington Dulles Airport) has a dedicated airport lactation suite locted at Gate A22. Moms are welcome to stop in a breastfeed if they want ore privacy or breast p...
Average Rating:

Northbridge Plaza
Located inside Northbridge Plaza near the toilets. #bfaus, #northbridgeplaza, #newsouthwales...
Average Rating:

Spectrum Health Visiting Nurse Association
Spectrum Health Visiting Nurse Association (SH VNA) in Grand Rapids Michigan has a lactation room available to visiting moms during open hours.  No sink or fridge, Wifi availa...
Average Rating:

SH Plainfield
SH Plainfield (Spectrum Health Training Center) Large room, sink, fridge, WiFi. Requires sign up time. #bfus, #grandrapidsmichigan...
Average Rating:

Target store on West Grand Parkway in Richmond, Virginia provided a dedicated nursing mothers room in a cozy and private corner near the women's bathroom. This lactation room is equippe...
Average Rating:

St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE)
St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) has osetup a nice cozy and private room for traveling nursing moms post-security in the Gate 2-6 area. The lactation room was design...
Average Rating:

The Play
The Play at Westchester Mall, Play area with dedicated nursing room, baby changing station and family restroom, complete with a child-size potty and sink), and a calming nursing ro...
Average Rating:

Montgomery Mall
Montgomery Mall in North Wales, Pennsylvania has Two dedicated breastfeeding and pumping rooms with locks.  There's a chair,  changing table and a bathroom is available in the...
Average Rating:

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