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Lactation Room or Breastfeeding Room

A Breastfeeding or Lactation Room is a private room other than a bathroom, that is shielded from public view and interruption, and is used by mothers who breastfeed or express breast milk by breast pumping.

Mamas, Take Care of Your Teeth!

Mamas, Take Care of Your Teeth!

During pregnancy, women experience many changes with their body. I recently posted a question on my social media website and received so many answers on the changes women received during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Here are the answers:

  • Feet grew with each child
  • SAGGY boobs!
  • Armpits itched when nursing!
  • Vision got worse!
  • Boobs shrunk entire cup size!
  • My teeth fell apart! I got cavities, my gums bled!
  • Fingernails are more brittle
  • Acne
  • My thyroid got kicked in overdrive!
  • Sensitive skin!
  • My hair changed from natural curls to straight!
  • Painful Varicose Veins
  • Rib cage expaned!
  • My one eye changed!
  • Have more motion sickness now
  • Permanent MEMORY FOG!

WOW. It’s crazy how having children can play such a BIG effect on women’s bodies. That being said, I want to cover a very important topic every PERSON should be concerned about especially women with children – ORAL HEALTH!

You may remember me as the deaf mom blogger! I just recently covered a topic about disability, this time I want to discuss pregnancy/breastfeeding and oral health. I’ve been practicing as a dental hygienist for almost 9 years. The longer I’ve worked, the more I saw pregnant women experiencing dental issues and the issues would continue or worsen after they gave birth to their child. Every time a pregnant mother or a mother who had just given birth sits in my chair, she asks me why does it affect my teeth or gums? HORMONES and plaque are the answers I give them. During pregnancy, the increases in hormones tend to have an affect on your body’s response to the plaque on your teeth. When the plaque builds up on your teeth, it can cause gum irritation. Your gums will become tender, red, or even start bleeding. The diagnosis for that is pregnancy gingivitis and could even lead to periodontal disease. Gingivitis can begin as soon as the woman becomes pregnant. But research has proved that plaque is the main cause of gum disease – NOT HORMONE levels. (1).

Here are a few simple steps you can do to help prevent dental issues:

  • Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • FLOSS between your teeth once daily
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Visit your dentist or dental hygienist regularly

If you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, or even breastfeeding, pay close attention to your oral health. The change in hormone levels can cause dental problems to become worse. Taking care of your mouth also helps your overall health. There is a great possibility your baby will be healthy if you are healthy too!

1 – American Dental Association

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