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  • Recent Lactation Rooms & Breastfeeding Friendly Places

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IKEA in Orlando
IKEA in Orlando, Florida has large single use restroom with a nursing mothers area (breastfeeding and breast pumping), Has a changing station and chair. Provides free diapers (2 sizes) ...
Macy's Mall of America
Macy's at Mall of America has Private breastfeeding room behind mothers room door by couch in the entry area of the woman's restroom at Macy's. Has changing table, 2 chairs, 2 side tabl...
Work it Coworking Mothers Room
Work it Coworking is a cooperative working space in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with multiple businesses. It offer a Beautiful, comfortable dedicated nursing mothers room with rocker and str...
Founder of Moms Pump Here Breastfeeding App and
Former Breastfeeding & Breastpumping Mom created 
this lactation room locator for traveling nursing moms.
Over 5000+ nursing mothers room locations (lactation rooms to breastfeed and breastpump) in the United States, US Territories, Canada, The UK, Singapore, Australia, and more.  Moms Pump Here Nursing Room Locator App (also list airport lactation rooms) was created by Moms For Moms. Pregnant moms-to-be, and current moms  travel and go out with infants and toddlers. If breastfeeding moms don't nurse or pump on-the-go, Mastitis can happen. They need to know all quiet and private nursing rooms, lactation lounges, nursing pods, and breastfeeding friendly places to breastfeed their baby or express breast milk.
Now they have the nursing room locator app (Also #1 Airport Nursing Rooms Locator) to find a nice vetted spot to nurse. That means they no longer have to use unsanitary public bathrooms. Parenting means doing what's best for your baby, and moms don't want to feed a delicate baby in a restroom, a place you wouldn't eat your own meal.

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