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Lactation Room or Breastfeeding Room

A Breastfeeding or Lactation Room is a private room other than a bathroom, that is shielded from public view and interruption, and is used by mothers who breastfeed or express breast milk by breast pumping.


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Need to find a place to breastfeed or breastpump?

There's an app for that, we created it!Moms Pump Here Nursing Room Locator App

MomsPumpHere is the first smartphone app, website, and moms community to use smartphones and GPS to locate nursing mothers rooms shared and vetted by nursing moms for nursing moms. Our Nursing Room Locator App easily find safe, quiet places to breastpump or breastfeed for moms who prefer more privacy or need to breastpump away from home. You can also add new nursing rooms, and leave honest star ratings and reviews for each one.  We answer the question, can I breastfeed or breastpump here? , but wait!! 

We're not just an app, we're a vibrant health and wellness community of thousands of moms on momspumphere.com and social media from all over the world using the app, answering mom questions, and discussing hot topics of the week.

Are you planning a domestic or international flight round trip and aren't sure which airports have equipped nursing rooms and other breastfeeding frendly amenities? MomsPumpHere find them for you.

We had a hard time finding clean suitable places to breastpump away from home, and vowed to NOT feed our babies in a filthy toilet flushing bathroom again, so we fixed the problem. We created this app to find and direct moms to the closest nursing mothers rooms nearby.

There's also a check-in feature on the mobile website, don't worry, no one knows where you're breastpumping or feeding when you checkin, only those registered moms you choose to let know. Watch our videos on your app to learn more about how it works and your Safety and Privacy with MomsPumpHere. 

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Launched May 1st, 2017, JustAddBreastMilk is a topical salve for nursing moms who breast pump and breastfeed. Just by adding potent breast milk to our natural, ayurvedic ingredients moms are able to moisturize, soothe and heal their baby's skin. Now on sale!



Priya Nembhard

Priya Nembhard MomsPumpHere Co-founderI want to share a personal story with you. Like many of you know, having our first child can be exciting and nerve wrecking. My oldest in the picture below, Jadon, was born with a kidney abnormalty. In utero he had hydronephrosis and his right kidney was in despair. After his birth we had to wait to see how his kidney was functioning. When he finally hit 8 months the doctor had to make a move and perform surgery.

Thankfully everything went well during surgery but for 2 years of his life he had to take medications to fight off infections. I breastfed him for 10 months and breast pumped for him for quite some time after. His immune system has never been 100% but I can tell you I am so grateful I was able to give him breast milk for as long as I did to boost his immune system. A mother’s love knows no boundaries. He is one out of 3 reasons why I am part of MomsPumpHere.

I can’t avoid helping other moms, and I love it. On social media, they ask about motherhood and startup business and I happily answer them. Being a mom of 3 and business owner taught me to build tools that truely solve a need. That’s why I cofounded MomsPumpHere community site, mobile site, and built our Nursing Room Locator app. I support working and stay at home moms breastfeeding and breast pumping away from home without shame and embarassment. They shouldn’t be forced to nurse in a car or dirty bathroom to balance work and a healthy infant.



Kim Harrison

Kim Harrison MomsPumpHere Co-founder

As a mom of three boys, I’ve pumped in many places. At first I only did it occasionally to have time away from the baby – a friend’s wedding or a day trip with my husband. Then I went back to work and needed to build a supply for my son heading to daycare or for Grandma to take care of him when I was away. I pumped in my office at work or at home, usually.

When my second son was born, I tried nursing with pumped milk in a bottle but at ten weeks old, I contracted swine flu and was told to stop nursing him. As a result he refused to nurse again. He was also diagnosed with dairy so I eliminated all dairy from my diet to give him the best milk I could. I was very upset that he would no longer be nursing, and I was concerned about using formula. Thankfully he took my pumped milk in a bottle, so I began to exclusively pump (EP) for him. I was on maternity leave, working full-time and traveling, and eventually traded my stressful management position for a work-at-home
consulting job so I could stay home with both boys. 

With my third son, I was fortunate to nurse on-demand
most of the time but I had customers and projects that needed me, so I went back to work when he was only
four weeks old. I pumped extra milk whenever I could, at a client’s facility, when the boys were with caregivers, or even in the middle of the night while everyone slept. I pumped in offices, bathrooms, hotel and department store lounges, train stations, airports – anywhere I needed to.

Moms Pump Here was born from these adventures – the situation with my middle son taught me to bring my pump anywhere we went, feed him the best food a mom can make, and know that all is right with the world. Now I get to help other moms do the same.




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